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Transmission Jack - Heavy Duty Cap.

MG 8414 600x563

Transmission Jack 

5 Ton to 15 Ton Capacity

Cizeta / Italy


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        This new series of Hydraulic pit jack for heavy trucks been designed and developed to facilitate dismantling and assembling gear boxes, shafts, clutch unit suspensions and engines for heavy trucks. The lifting is effected by two pedal pump : one for the quick approach and one for the working phase.

        The model F 3000 is extremely low and has the big advantage of the long piston stroke.

        All models have retractable wheels under 900 kg. load. Thanks to his solid and strong structure guarantees stability in all the correct operating positions.

        All models are equipped with an automatic overload safety valve. That equipment is manufactured in compliance with the European Directive 2006/42 CE. Hand assembled.


        Two stages F 500 P capacity ton. 5

        Three stages F 3000 P capacity ton. 5

        At one stage F 150/P capacity ton. 15

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