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Hydraulic Press

Hyd. Press

Hydraulic Press 

10 Ton to 50 Ton Capacity

Cizeta / Italy


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        New series of manual double speed hydraulic hand pump with mobile ram. Thanks to the adjustable ram device, it is possible to make different operations on one piece when the remotion or the same result too difficult and expensive. All the presses have a calibration valve and gauge. All the machines are supplied with nr. 2 “V”blocks and nr. 1 plate. The model with power of 30 and 50 ton are supplied with a which for the hoisting of the working table. All the ram are in special steel treated and chromium platted. The machines are designed and manufactured as per the last CE directives.


        P.I. 10 B PM power ton. 10
        P.I. 10 N PM power ton. 10
        P.I. 15 PM    power ton. 15
        P.I. 20 PM    power a ton. 20
        P.I. 30 PM    power a ton. 30
        P.I. 50 PM    power ton. 50

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