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OIL / AIR / GREASE / FLUIDS -- Products

FLEXBIMEC was founded in 1974 as a FLEXBIMEC was founded in 1974 as amanufacturer of hydraulic components.

The knowledge acquired in that fi eldenabled the company to specialize itself inthe production of dispensing systems forlubricants, developing over the years a broadrange of lubrication equipment.

The first product manufactured by Flexbimecwas the pneumatic pump which very quickly became well – known for its easy handlingand for its reliability.

And so the company’s focus still is theproduction of high quality pumps whichnowadays are present worldwide, even in themost specialized markets.

Thanks to a continuous and careful technicaldevelopment, Flexbimec is able to off era range of reliable and market – orientedproducts for the supply and the monitoringof lubricants.

The FLEXBIMEC product range includes:·

- Grease supply equipment.

- Oil supply and electronic, computer -based oil monitoring equipment.

- Diesel supply and electronic, computer –based diesel monitoring equipment.

- Compressed air supply and washingequipment.

- Equipment for the mixing and dosingof fluids.

- Equipment for the collection, handlingand storage of waste fluids, particularlyof waste oils.

Flexbimec equipment is used in variousapplications such as in car, motorbike andcommercial vehicle workshops, for industrialand agricultural machinery maintenance,in car wash sites, or in boat and shipmaintenance.

Besides of manufacturing the products,FLEXBIMEC is also projecting, installingand maintaining turnkey facilities for thehandling and monitoring of lubricants in car, motorbike and commercial vehiclecar, motorbike and commercial vehicleworkshops. Until now Flexbimec has donemore than 500 of those lubrication facilitiesbased on the individual requirements of itscustomers.

The products are distributed throughThe products are distributed througha worldwide network of dealers with acontinuously growing export rate.

The total surface of 63.000 m² and 7.000 m²The total surface of 63.000 m² and 7.000 m²covered area enable Flexbimec to grant thecomplete production and logistic handlingof all it's range of equipment.

Also there are special areas for technicalAlso there are special areas for technicaltraining, showroom and the testing of newproducts included.

Flexbimec has a modern organization withFlexbimec has a modern organization witha quality assurance system according to UNIEN ISO 9001:2015 and a range of meterswith certifi cation MID MI-005 according toDirective 2014/32/EU.

Service and consulting are other strongService and consulting are other strongarguments of the company: the customeris continuously accompanied by technicallyqualifi ed staff in order to identify each ofhis requirements and to off er satisfyingsolutions to him.

Flexbimec has issued this new catalogueFlexbimec has issued this new catalogueas a guide for your requirements regardinglubrication equipment, starting from themost simple accessory up to complete,computerized fl uid monitoring systems.

Flexbimec is sure that the variety of theis sure that the variety of theinnovative product range which has beendeveloped by a continuous research of theuser requirements, will help you to selectand to install the equipment most suitableto simplify your daily work.


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