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How is a high-class workshop created?
Each Apex solution is obtained in various phases, with even the slightest details being given maximum attention by the designer, who creates a trusting relationship with the client, and has the ultimate goal of achieving the best possible result from a technical and economic standpoint.

The initial approach takes place at the customer's facility, where we learn about their requirements, how they work, and how they're organized.

The various phases of the project allow us to focus our proposals upon the customer's actual requirements, with the goal of finding a solution that will leave them fully satisfied.

Presentation of the project to the customer

The virtual project is discussed with the client The finished Auto Cad project is evaluated together with the client, with each individual part and detail being mapped and analyzed.

During this phase the client is able to immediately see what their new work environment will be like, how the various work areas will be organized, and what kinds of equipment can be stored inside each module. What they will need, and what will have to be rendered available to the operators.

After having agreed upon the best possible technical solution, the economic phase of the process is initiated with a generation of the price quote. It should be noted that the customer's budget is normally analyzed between phases 2 and 3, without compromising on the nature of the initial project.

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