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Who are we

Apex is a Tools & Equipment Contracting firm located in Erbil/Iraq,

Apex is a result of merge of two highly experienced firms in Tools & equipment, Contracting
The main goal of this merge is to provide better professional services and to respond to the high demand and requirements of public.

Apex as a result of this merge has the capacity to provide services in the following fields:

a. Automotive Service Dealer for Car & Trucks.
b. Automobile Service Centers.
c. Wheel Service centers.
d. Tyre Dealers & Equipment’s Rental
e. Gas & oil companies.
f. Security companies.
g. Construction Companies.
h. Whole Sellers for Tools & Hardware’s


Mission statement

Apex Equipment’s is the leading distributor of car lifts, Automotive service equipment and Vast Varity of Tool’s because we offer the highest quality products and best Brands, best service after the sale and most impressive delivery speeds, all while holding fast to the strongest company culture in Iraq.

Guiding principles

• Apex is earnest in how products are marketed and discussed with customers.
• We are always courteous to those who ask questions or hold objections.
• A unified vision for company success makes us stronger as individuals in the Apex family.
• If we provide customers with our best the first time, they will always expect our best.
• Our cheerfulness is essential to our brand, and we are always ready to help.
• Every voice among our ranks deserves a chance to be heard.
• Respect is the name of the game


Our Vision

After a year of hard work, but nevertheless with satisfying results, I’m happy to get in touch with YOU again. I would prefer to do so with much more regularity, to be in direct contact with the market, visit our customers, meet them in person and tell them personally what I can only do by e-mail.


As a common man, I am aware that this communication channel is not the same, but the role I’m in doesn’t allow me, if not occasionally, to be on the field. The implementation of business strategies through our staff is a task, which keeps me constantly busy. I hope you can witness firsthand the good job we did in just a few years. As I said, we closed 2014 with a strong increase of our business figures and this confirms that having good ideas and the courage to pursue them with determination, you’ll be granted with corresponding economic turnover. I hope that, as it was for us, it has been a good year for you too: a period of personal and performance improvement. Growing means developing new competences, knowledge and consequently an economic return.

Our History

It is necessary for me to stay “connected” to the market, to You. I cannot deny that I would love to hear your opinion and I thank those who gave me a feedback on my previous communications. We live in turbulent times and we are increasingly under pressure to reach our targets.

As I see it, sometimes we should just stop and look back to check whe-ther we are running in right direction, at least. We need to ask ourselves if we have a winning strategy, one that will “last” in the long run.

Cooperating with a valuable team gives you an overall view on the strategy, on the project feasibility. The ability to carry it out. The kind of customers we want is clear to us. Customers who know what their requirements are, and who are looking for Companies able to fulfil them. “Premium” customers.


Apex Strategy

We are dedicated to provide high quality of Services and engineering services and it has a main strategy and goal to provide creative ideas, and to find solutions in this area tormented by wars and tormented by uncontrolled planning and construction, where our environment is spoiled.

Main Partners of Apex, had earned their experience in the field of a Tools, Equipment & Engineering Consultancy.

The new firm is now fully equipped to rise up to the challenge of the new area in the fields of Tools & Equipment.

Apex Goals

I like keeping in contact with YOU: we share the same enthusiasm. We have the same determination to win and to constantly pursue new goals and new aims. Thanks to that, before one-year ends, we are already imagining and making plans for the years to come. Without a passion for our work this would not be possible. It’s our fuel: it gives us the necessary energy to overcome the obstacles we face daily.

In my previous letter I mentioned the people and how crucial they are in performing business strategies. It will be easier to achieve our dreams and reach our goals if we share them with our staff. They are the core part of the company. They have to be carefully selected, trained and motivated to commit to reaching our goals. Young people in particular; the new generations to whom we have a duty to give a future... who represent the future of our companies.

I was particularly impressed with the philosophy in this sentence: if you do not want to be the best in what you do, that’s all right …. just be very aware of that! But if you wish to become the best at your job, then you must know that this requires sacrifices. Great sacrifices. Thomas Friedman: “In the past a worker with intermediate skills doing an average job could get an average wage. Nowadays to be average is of no benefit any longer! “

Before we search for expertise in a person we search for aptitudes for success: Results orientation - Determination - character and common values.


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