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Oil-free Compressed Air Production - Ceccato / Italy

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Oil-free Compressed Air Production

Ceccato / Italy 


Ceccato100% oil-free compressed air for critical applications

Applications that are sensitive to any kind of contamination in the compressed air supply require an oil-free compressor for compressed air generation. Clear examples of such applications are met in medical, dental and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in the food and beverage industries. Nevertheless, industries like chemical, electronics, oil & gas and textile use also oil-free compressors. Eventually, oil-free compressed air is a requirement for PET bottle blowing, textile processing and in farming for milking.

100% Oil-free air meeting all requirements

Since no oil is used during the compressing process, logically this does not have to be filtered out and there is no risk of oil erupting in the air line work. Together with adequate air drying and filtering the compressed air we produce can be applied anywhere where pure quality compressed air is required!

CleanAIR, WisAIR, SpiralAIR - Three kinds of oil-free air generation

Depending on the air consumption, we offer you three ways to generate oil-free compressed air. For small applications like dentists or in breweries where no continuous demand is needed, a CleanAIR oil-free piston compressor can be used. Medium applications like milk robots in farming do not consume that much air, but may have to run continuously. Consequently, our SpiralAIR is the ideal choice. For larger applications that use bigger amount of compressed air over a longer period of time, the range of WisAIR compressors offers the perfect solution.

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